Marketing Strategy

Failing to plan is planning to fail. We find that in order to succeed it is imperative to map out a plan for the quarter or, ideally, for the year. What are the targets you need to reach in order to keep your business going, who is your target market, where do they consume media, what key messages do you need to communicate with them – all very important questions to ask in order to complete a defined strategy that will give you the best returns. Too often brands implement plans or campaigns on the fly that don’t speak to their objectives or even to their key demographic, it’s money down the drain!

Content Marketing

Facebook. Google. Instagram. Blogs. Twitter… The opportunity to reach your target audience is endless! Content marketing is the foundation of any communication plan. Whilst there are expert strategies that allow your content to be seen by the most amount of the right people, just getting the “word” out there is crucial to give your business a chance. Content platforms perform different functions that meet different objectives, knowing which to utilize for your business and goals is crucial.

Gilded Words offers a multitude of content creation services:

Campaign Project Planning

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together seamlessly? Whilst some campaigns are simple to implement, some include multiple parties and strict deadlines. Gilded Words endeavor to bring all stakeholders together, brand manager, paid media specialist, web developer, graphic designer, photographer, to ensure all tasks are performed in order to launch a well-planned and well-executed campaign.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is not going away anytime soon, in fact it is growing exponentially and is constantly evolving. With Gilded Words having an influencer at the helm of the business, with a network of fellow influencers as connections, putting together an influencer campaign with the correct mix of influencers comes with ease. Not only does Gilded Words find the appropriate influencers for the brand to work with, we also provide services to bloggers to prepare them to best work with brands. It has really paid off to have been on both sides of the fence.

Marketing Coaching

With budgets being compromised and resources being low, sometimes a business is not quite ready to outsource their marketing just yet. That’s why Gilded Words provides coaching to businesses in the marketing realm. If you need assistance putting together your annual marketing plan, how to create content that connects, or how to build a consistent brand, Gilded Words is here to help.

Blogger / Influencer Mentoring

Are you an influencer that needs a media kits and rate card designed? Do you need to upgrade your website to make it look more professional? Do you need advice on how to write your Instagram bio or contact brands? Camilla from Gilded Words can help you out.